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What we offer?

Extensive catalogue

We have a great catalogue of houses, chalets and flats

Big offers

Visit us and discover our Weekend offers.


All our houses are surrounded by nature and with an great climate.

It´s time to enjoy your home.

Strategic point

The properties are located in Liébana so you enjoy the sun and nature.

Close to everything

We are located just 45 km. from San Vicente de la Barquera and the coast of Cantabria.


Good treatment

The neighbors will receive you with open arms

A perfect place for a walk

Incredible outdoor routes that you can enjoy with you family and friends.

Estadistics don´t lie.

Satisfied customers
Properties sold
Properties rented

Frequent questions

If you wish to reserve a property, contact us without obligation.

The documents you will need for the purchase of a property will be:

  • The title of the property.
  • Certificate of occupancy.
  • The housing plan in 1/50 scale.
  • The certificate of domains and charges (which will also help you know if the property to be purchased has charges).

You can contact us by phone (942 738 102) or by writing to

Of course, you just need to contact us to start the necessary paperwork.

Useful square meters are what we measure in any interior of the house, that is, the interior of the house. While the built meters eengloba the construction of the house, such as insulation, partition walls …, that is, everything that covers the house.

* Note: Everything that is not covered such as the terrace, the uncovered porch, etc. It is not counted as a built meter but as an added improvement.

San Roque, 15 — 39570 Potes (Cantabria)
(+34) 942 738 102-615 467 010

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  • Tipo de contacto

  • Tipo de vivienda

  • Municipio

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  • Busca tu vivienda